5 Tips Before You Book Your Venue

5 Tips Before You Book Your Venue

Newly engaged and ready to organize your wedding? Here are 5 Tips Before You Book Your Venue.

Almost as important as the food you’ll be serving at your wedding is the actual location of your wedding!

But it’s not as easy as going online, clicking on a few stunning images, and deciding that that’s the venue you want.

In fact, and in our professional experience, there are a few steps to take before you hand over a lump sum deposit for what could potentially be a disaster venue selection!

Grab a drink and enjoy this easy, informative read.

1. Where Do You Want To Get Married?

Of course, marriage between the location, city or town and the venue is always difficult – but it’s not impossible!

Where would that be when you and your partner think about the ideal setting where most of your family and friends can get to easily while still providing the image and feel you want?

The first step in selecting your venue is to choose a city or town that works for you.

While we know you want Grandma and Grandpa there or your favourite uncle Steve, there are plenty of ways to work that out once you choose a location and venue.

There are plenty of cities and towns in our area where you can get everything you want and more, so our suggestion is to choose a few locations (geographically speaking) and add them to the wish list and then cross-reference them with locations you love.

2. What Type and Style Do You Want?

Are you looking for a modern vibe, or is your style a little more rustic and laid-back? Or are you looking for something off the beaten path?

The first step in getting closer to booking your venue is to take stock of what you and your partner want in a venue after you’ve narrowed it down to a few cities and/or towns.

So what is it that you want for your special day?  Barn-charm? Modern and elegant? Quaint? Large and in charge?  Church or Building?  Farm?

If you’re looking for a gorgeous rustic barn setting, then let us recommend one of our preferred vendors located in St.George,Ontario: Brantview Farms 


But if you’re looking for an adorable, quaint and church-like setting, we can’t say enough great things about La Petite Chapelle in Innerkip, Ontario.

3. Setting Up A Venue Tour

The most critical way to understand and connect with your chosen potential venue is to book an appointment.  This way, you and your partner can take your time, meet with the owner and organizers, and ask a lot of important questions.

That leads us to the next part: taking notes.

You’ve got a lot on your plate now that you’re engaged, and with that comes a lot of responsibility, ideas, inspiration and the dreaded five-letter word: stress.

To avoid this at all costs – bring your smartphone, take a ton of notes, or sit down with your partner a few days before your tour and come up with many great questions to ask.

You also want to book tours as far out as possible so you have time to confirm all of the other vendors you’d like to have, like a DJ, Musician, Officiant, Florals, Decor, Wedding Planner & Little Mushroom Catering, etc.

Here are a few questions to make sure you include:

  1. Dates available (come to the table with a few dates ready)
  2. Check capacity/limits ( how many people are seated, does this venue accommodate legally?)
  3. Alcohol  (do you provide it? Can we bring in our own?)
  4. What is the rental cost?
  5. What is included in the rental cost?
  6. What must we provide?


4. The Budget

Now that you’ve toured several venues if not more, you’ll probably have a much better idea as to where you’d like to have your wedding – and if you’ve taken notes, you can compare and discuss with your partner what you loved most and what makes the most sense financially.

This is where you both hunker down with a coffee, tea or beverage and work out your budgets (including catering), and the best way to break this down is a per-person budget.

Generally, Little Mushroom Catering requires a $100 per person minimum on food and beverage during the busy wedding season ( May – October).

Make sure you have a little extra slush money in case you fall in love with something extra or want to include a photo booth at your wedding.

Many would argue that coming up with a budget is the first step, and while that does not hurt – it’s hard to prepare a budget when you have no idea what things cost, right?

So we suggest doing this once you have a better idea of what the venues will cost, and then you can work with some tangible numbers instead of shooting in the dark.

5. Book Your Venue and Call Little Mushroom Catering

Once you’ve confirmed and given your venue a deposit, it’s time to call or email Little Mushroom Catering.  We’ll compare our current bookings and availability for you and help you every step of the way!

You can choose a plated, buffet or station-style catering option; the food selection is delicious!

Imagine a late-night food buffet with potato martinis or mac’n’cheese!  Guests from wedding past rave about how our food and staff are lovely, and we have no doubt you’ll love it too!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and we can’t wait to work with you!