The Little Mushroom Team

Stephanie Soulis
President & CEO
Yvette Shanks
Office Administrator
Rachel Medeiros
Catering Chef
Katie Ferguson
Purchasing Manager
Nikki Daoust
Catering Cook
Elizabeth Allan
Lead Wedding Coordinator, WPIC
Laurel Heywood
Lead Dishwasher
Ericka Zuana
Wedding Coordinator, WPIC
Katelyn Fancy
Assistant Wedding Coordinator, WPIC

Our Other AMAZING Staffers!

Sheri Gerich  (Pastry Cook)

Helena Kwiecinski (Service Leadership Coordinator)

Arshdeep Singh (Dishwasher)

Peter Romo (Daily Ops Assistant)

Mike Vollans (Catering Cook)

Brian Dunn (Catering Cook)

Sarah Barrie (Catering Cook)

Adam Hicks (Dishwasher)

Melissa MacKenzie  (Event Staff)

Riley McGrogan (Event Staff)

Steffan Bain (Event Staff)

Grace Schellenberger (Event Staff)

Bryan Wright (Event Staff)

Amanda Desjardine (Event Staff)

Cat Fairbairn  (Event Staff)

Michelle Dow  (Event Staff)

Faith Musasa (Event Staff)

Lynn Teixeira  (Event Staff)

Madison McGrogan (Event Staff- Bartender)

Peter Meier (Event Staff- Bartender)

Helene Noble (Event Staff – Bartender)

Sydney Pascetta (Event Staff – Bartender)

Tyler Belluz  (Event Staff- Bartender)

Little Mushroom Kitchen Team
Little Mushroom Office Team

What Clients Are Saying About Us

...each bite of their creations are a blissful melange of taste bud adventure....

Jennifer Janik

...your team did an amazing job and everyone just loved the food... you guys really made the night fun and hassle free!

Jade & MattWedding Couple

I was thoroughly impressed by her professionalism, impeccable standard of service, and delicious creations...

Jennifer Gough

Little Mushroom came to the rescue to make our food dreams a reality.

Janette & EvanBride

I found myself getting as excited that Little Mushroom was catering as I was for the event itself!

Martin Zimmerman

Can’t say enough about how wonderful everything looked, tasted and impressed!
Great value and so delicious!

Gillian ReesRees Communications