The Little Mushroom Team

Stephanie Soulis
CEO & President
Elizabeth Allan
Director of Offsite Food Services
Katie Ferguson
Kitchen Manager
Christie Johnson
Director of HR & Admin
Erika Kosmack
Wedding Coordinator
Sandy Smith
Event & Service Coordinator
Donovan Bestari
Marketing Associate
Carly Cain
Wedding & Events Assistant

Our Other AMAZING Staffers!

Sarah McNeill-Stephens (Assistant to the Kitchen Manager)

Sarah Barrie (Catering Cook)

Isabelle Levesque (Catering Cook)

Erin Purves (Pastry Cook)

Colin Manley (Dishwasher)

Glennis Cook (Dishwasher/Prep Cook)

Emma Ciccanti (Dishwasher/Prep Cook)

Lori Woolner (Prep Cook)

Trevor Waurechen (Daily Operations)

Grace Schellenberger (Assistant to the DFS)

Sumeet Sindoliya  (Event Staff)

Treasure Kauppila (Event Staff)

Katherine Kumynska (Event Staff)

Jennifer Holborn (Event Staff)

Shannon Burley (Event Staff)

Stephanie Brown (Event Staff)

Jericho Kroft (Event Staff)

Gwen Tanner (Event Staff)

Steffan Bain (Event Staff)

Bhen Odol (Event Staff)

Kristina Overbeek (Event Staff)

Tracy Tovell (Event Staff)

Tina Heller (Event Kitchen Staff)

Aaron Sieunarine (Event Set up Staff)

Jack Soulis (Event Set up Staff)

Emily Dauphinee (LMK Assistant Kitchen Manager)

Kristijan Bucevski  (LMK Team)

Myles Smart (LMK Team)

Riya Narsidani (LMK Team)

Sheena Caplin (LMBS Cook)

Nico Alexander (Production Cook)

Dan Scott (LMFB Sous Chef)

Adnan Jasarevic (LMFB Cook)

Gavin Moore (LMSR Cook)

Nimish Mehta (LMCSL Cook)

Tyler Belluz (Bartender)

Alyscia Rosa (Bartender)

Linda Zensner (Bartender)


What Clients Are Saying About Us

What I most appreciate... is her ability to listen to our catering and event needs and come up with creative ideas to fulfill those needs... She provided exactly what we needed, in the time we needed, at the quality we need, all on budget, and our guests raved about the food!

Christine Rier

We've been ordering for a few weeks and every time the food is delicious! Having something new every week keeps it interesting. The staff are very helpful and responsive, and so friendly when we go to pick up the food. I highly recommend supporting this local business!

Diana Thomas

As a frontline workers we received delicious meals today at the Radisson. Thank you so so much! These acts of kindness and thoughtfulness lifts our spirits! Highly recommend, the food is amazing.

Hannah Charbonneau

Little Mushroom made a beautiful birthday cake for my daughter for her birthday. Not only was it beautiful (and also delicious), it was also safe for her for friends with severe nut allergies so that everyone could be included. Thanks so much!!

Melissa Chios

Just finished Thanksgiving Day meal. I think it was by far the best Thanksgiving Day meal we have ever had. Thank you Little Mushroom Catering for a delicious meal with all the fixings. The cookies and pies were also amazing. I think you will be a part of our new Thanksgiving tradition.

Libby Laythorpe

She always responded promptly and gave her recommendations when asked. I am so entirely happy with our caterer choice and would 100% recommend LMC to any bride or groom without any hesitation!

Chantel NowakBride